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June 2020
ITP inc Specifications

As of next month ITP Inc will be able to supply to all consultants specifications in regards to each separate projects ITP will work on. This will not be a general statement of our product but rather the specific information and details that pertains to the project that we will be working on. This means that we invested funds in research and development with Canadian firms. We are also ISN certified.
In late 2019 ITP has acquired a warehouse facility in Quebec (12,000 sq ft). This will be the location of our new technical facility where we will also make use of it as a training facility of our new workers. Thank you to all contractors, consultants, and owners which have encouraged us since our beginning.

April 2020
Meet our team

- Meet Dave Jordan. Dave is ITP's V-P of operations for the province of Ontario and has been working with ITP for the past 6 years. With a strong acumen in sales and business development you can contact Dave for all new project inquiries.
- Meet Lenny Manning. Lenny as been working with ITP for the last 5 years. Lenny as earned over 30 years of experience working for General Motors in Oshawa. Lenny's great work ethics has permitted him to accelerate to the top of the company and acts as ITP's general superintendent.
- Meet Jake McBride. Jake as been working with ITP for the pass 4 years. Jake has a strong background experience in carpentry and interior systems installation which makes him an asset managing ITP projects. Jake manages all projects from Manitoba to British-Columbia.
- Meet Claude Lapointe. Claude joined ITP back in 2019. His previous management background experience working for Volkswagen Canada distribution facility made him a great candidate for this position. Claude will be coordinating all project site activities within the province of Quebec.

March 2020

To meet the demands and challenges of our new and existing clients we have expanded our services to incorporate the installation of suspended safety netting within the roofing industry only. We recently conclude a deal with a manufacturer to design safety netting to our specification requirements. As the challenges of our clients grow, they can rest assured that ITP Inc. will be there to find solutions on their projects. A growing number of consultants, roofing contractors and owners are contacting us to assist them in finding solutions on their projects. We did not get to where we are today by copying others. We got to where we are by having the experience, knowledge and by concentrating 100% of our efforts within the interior protection sector of the roofing industry. That's one of the reason why more and more professionals are contacting ITP inc.

February 2020
Tools of the trade

Now that the we have met our objectives, we will require to implement more equipment to meet these new challenges. Therefore, within the next few months we will be adding a fleet of new vehicles to all our office locations. A total of 4 work vans has been implemented to our fleet in 2019 to meet the demand of our workload. By summer of 2020 we will be adding 2 additional 20’ foot elevated work platforms and 2 additional Z- booms. These equipment’s will complement our existing fleet and complete our 20/20 vision expansion.

January 2020
20/20 vision

2020 will be a great a year for ITP's future. We have opened our first office and warehouse outside the province of Ontario. Due to the greater volume of work out east and our growing list of clients from different areas of the manufacturing industry. We are now servicing the city of Montreal and other locations within the province of Quebec. We are on track with the objectives we set out to realize. By spring of 2020 our Maritime and Western office locations will be open for business. Here at ITP we refer to this as having a 20/20 vision on our objectives.

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