Hiring Company:

Anytime Fitness

Project Scope:

People often ask us how much work goes into interior tarp protection and we usually answer the same way every time – it kind of feels like a long workout. When it comes down to dragging around sheet and sheet of premium, high quality tarp you can definitely get a good sweat. Can it be any more appropriate then that a job that made us sweat the most came from a setting notorious for producing sweat? Anytime Fitness is a classy organization built on a great business model. Their angle to the gym industry is very effective – offer 24/7 fitness and cut costs by employing few staff members and investing in important pieces of equipment only (nothing fancy).


Every job comes with a unique challenge. For Anytime Fitness, it meant doing a job as quickly as possible since we needed to cover the entire floor area with protective tarp. Whenever we cover the entire floor, it means that the space is currently out of service. For any business owner this translates into lost revenue. That is why we were motivated to finish this job as soon as possible, so the gym could take care of systemic pipe leaks. If you’ve never been to a gym, it’s almost like an obstacle course created by machines worth thousands of dollars each. Navigating tarp over each piece of equipment was really difficult and we knew a change of strategy was necessary to get the job done more efficiently.


So we put our thinking construction hats on and before you know it, we came up with a brilliant idea (without bragging too much). Rather than covering every single piece of equipment individually, we divided the gym into 6 separate sections and used a large tarp that could cover the entire section. We needed two extra volunteers to help us with the initial lift over the section. However, we probably cut the time the job would have taken with the previous method in half! A few hours later, and the whole gym was covered and protected. The maintenance crew came 30 minutes later because they didn’t expect us to finish the job so quickly.

Final Comments: 

Bringing the right mindset to the job is an everyday thing for a tarp specialist. Anytime Fitness provided the challenge of having to navigate through awkwardly sized equipment. Eventually with the right planning we were able to change gears and use a more effective method to ensure the job was done right, and on time!