Giant tiger definitely gave us a giant project. For some background, we are proud to be hired by Canadian companies like Giant Tiger who have a rich history in our country. In fact, the company was founded way back in 1961 as a store that offered discounted items with exceptional customer service. Now, it has grown to more than 200 locations across Canada becoming one of the largest retailers for everyday items at low prices. They have really stepped up the discount store game as I’m sure just about everyone we know has been there at least once. Their Kitchener location was the one that hired us to do some work, and the project was the type we often get: protecting the stores floor, merchandise, and equipment from debris. On top of that, we needed to guarantee that customers entering and exiting the store were completely safe to do so without any obstructions.

A good number of our jobs involve protecting some aspect of a building using tarps. For this project, interior poly protection was the go-to material because we needed something that could withstand any possible debris that could come from the roofs and beyond. The challenge with that is knowing how to orient the tarp so we can do that all while preventing the entrance and exits from being obstructed. If you’ve ever been to a Giant Tiger, they all pretty much look the same. There are plenty of aisles filled with merchandise ranging from clothing to kitchenware to electronics. Since they have so many aisles, this makes it difficult to orient the lifts in the right places to install the tarps properly. To prevent any business closures, we decided to work off hours. The plan of attack in order to fit the lifts was to place them in areas with movable aisles, or in other words the clothing stations that had stands with wheels. As only one side of the store had movable stands, that took care of 75% of the job. The other 25% of the job required us to use ladders manually with dedicated workers who had experience climbing in tight spaces (this is a common part of our job as you may already know). Thankfully this was the small part of the project which got done within our time constraints.

So what made this plan so effective? The collaboration of our team members of course. Every project comes with its challenges and so the protocol and plan for each one is always a bit different. With team members who have years of experience, sometimes the best approach to developing a plan is to put our heads together in a collective effort. With different personalities on the team, this leads to effective dialogue about how to approach the project. Often times we come up with more than one solution and that’s when we have to really sit down and think about which solution is the most effective, efficient with the resources, and safe. The plans need to be effective as this reflects our quality. This means that when we use our interior poly protection, we are using the most relevant tarp for the job. Using any other tarp is sometimes easier to do and a lot of other companies will do that to cut costs. But we know that when we work for a client, we are aiming for the long term. That is why a large part of our business comes from return clients who loved our job the first, second, third and even fourth time around! We also need to be efficient. Every project we agree to comes with a deadline guarantee that we take very seriously. We understand that most businesses need their stores to conduct everyday operations and that even half a day of no service can have noticeable consequences on revenue. We minimize that as much as possible by operating with propriety methods that are extremely efficient and minimize the amount of time needed for every job. Lastly and most importantly, we need to exercise every safety precaution possible. None of our projects can be done unless we make sure that risk to employees, store staff, and customers is completely reduced. The safety guarantee is the first thing we mention to our clients during talks about projects.

Giant tiger just like any huge project required the 3 ITP essentials mentioned above: effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Their project was completed considerably before the deadline which allowed their staff to get operations back to normal as quickly as possible. With no stone left unturned, another project is in the books – ITP gets the job done on time, every time. If you ever have any questions, please send them through our contact page and we’ll gladly get back to you! On that note, have a fantastic day!

Your ITP guys.