Hiring Company: 

It’s the tough jobs that give you the biggest rush! If you needed a perfect explanation why, just take a look at our No Frills project. No Frills has been around since the late 70’s and has survived this long because it lives up to its name, literally. Their “no frills” attitude to selling products led to huge savings for the consumer. No spending on displays, advertisements, or additional clerks meant increased savings on your day to day grocery items. I have admired their style for quite some time and continue to go shop there as my first-option grocery store. No Frills and ITP have a lot in common – our main objective is to get the customers exactly what they want. For them, it was to save customers as much money as possible. For us, it comes down to meeting the deadline for every job and saving our clients time.

Project Scope: 

This No Frills location had just started expanding their store. They had been at the same location for 20 years and have always had expansion on their minds. However, they just didn’t know how to go about it without interfering with day-to-day operations. Their goal was to include more aisles in order to meet the demand of new customers while keeping the rest of the store open when they contacted us. Of course, we were up to the challenge and got the equipment ready to take care of business. Let’s just say it was more than we had expected. The store was looking to increase their space by 15% which meant 1000 square feet of ceiling that needed to be covered by tarp. That’s a lot of square footage for those that are not familiar with what 1000 square feet actually means. To put it into perspective, it’s about the size of an elementary school gym! However, no space is too large for us.


Have you ever seen a huge amount of tarp before? It takes quite a bit of time to move around and maintain overall. To get a better idea of what it means to deal with such a large volume of tarp, just imagine you are camping right now (I’m sure you have). Remember that dreaded point of time when (after it took forever to put it up), you had to take the tent down? I sure do. It was always more difficult to do after a dew-filled night because of all the soil and dirt that got stuck to the bottom of the tent. You had to pull the pegs from the floor with all your might and drag that tarp-material off the floor. Then you had to find a way to clean the beautiful mess that collected on the bottom over the weekend you spent on the campground. Finally, you needed to fold the whole tent and squeeze it back into the bag. This part got to me the most every time because it always seemed easier to take the tent out than put it back in. Either way, a typical tent that sleeps four to six people is about 64 square feet. Now compare that to 1000 square feet and you will begin to understand the amount of work that went into this specific project.


The job itself was straight forward. They needed to cover up the ceilings. Tarp coverage is used order to make sure that the rest of the store was fully protected from all the debris and dust that would arise from the construction. Our company is unique because we are one of the few in Ontario that does ceiling tarp protection on top of the other services we provide. Ceiling tarp presents its own challenges because of how difficult access can sometimes be. Ceilings come in many heights and shapes and we needed to use our lifts for 90% of the work. The difficulty came in covering areas that were tough to reach, and there were times when our workers were practically on their toes with their arms fully extended. Another difficulty with this job was navigating between the large number of pipes and supports that ran along the ceilings. But hey, we made it happen on schedule – a promise we make to all of our clients.

Final Comments: 

Interior tarp protection is essential for any company in the GTA, whether big or small, corporate or public. We have served clients in the Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Scarborough, Mississauga, and York regions. ITP is a trusted name in this industry and remains as the best option. In this No Frills job, we proved that no job was too big or difficult for us to get done. We are determined to meet every single deadline because that is what has separated us from our competitors since the beginning. For more information about this job or any other inquiries, please visit our contact us section.