Nothing can get a Canadian to tears more than when the national anthem was played right before the 2010 Olympic Gold hockey match between Canada and the USA. Everyone remembers where they were that day. Play was down to the wire throughout the entire game, and it was on our turf in Vancouver. No team seemed to budge which led to an epic overtime that allowed the two nations to clash once more. This was a story that many will tell their grandchildren one day – the epic battle between two dire rivals that was won via a goal by Kid Canada himself, Sidney Crosby! Why do we remind of you of this illustrious moment you might ask? It’s because our client was Hockey Life, and nothing is more Canadian than a company that sells hockey equipment to the youth and pros.

Just like any company that owns a store for products and goods, Hockey Life hired us for some interior barrier protection – our specialty. The main reason they needed this was to protect all valuable items in the store from being soiled by debris that could fall from the ceiling or walls during a current construction project. Of course, this presents many challenges – since they are the premier hockey equipment store in the nation, they get tons of customer traffic. Whenever we get a job that involves a popular store like this, the first priority that must be handled is to maximize safety. Customers expect a safe shopping experience when they enter a store like Hockey Life. However, just like any store, they needed to undergo some construction to fix a portion of their ceiling. This always presents as safety hazards on its own.

Our company (ITP) implements interior barrier protection using specialized tarp technology and installation techniques. This system works by acting like a safety net that can catch debris in many forms including dirt, gravel, tar, and water (depending on the type of tarp used). This means that when our clients need to undergo construction, they simply hire us to provide certified tarp protection and they can keep operating their business! We like to think of ourselves as the unsung heroes that maintain company operations during times that would once temporarily put them out of commission.

Hockey Life, SportChek, No Frills, and Shoppers Drug Mart all have two things in common. First, they have all been successful clients of ours and we continue to provide them our best service. But they all came with challenges that put us in the face of adversity – yes we love our clichés. The main challenge we faced with Hockey Life was protecting the merchandise. As you may already know, hockey equipment isn’t cheap especially when they are top quality. The store setup is quite unique as they have many displays and unorthodox-type shelving strategies that have optimized their ability to promote their brand. Usually, when we see this type of setup, we automatically know that we have our work cut out for us. To tackle this challenge, we needed to form a plan and execute it.

With permission of the managers, we took a small blueprint of the entire store and focused on the construction area. The biggest concern was navigating tarp between objects and banners that were hanging from the ceiling. In order to make this process as fast as possible, our first inclination was to ask the managers if taking these down temporarily was possible. This would prevent time spent having to navigate around multiple obstacles. However, the banners had to stay up as it was part of their new marketing campaign that would draw a larger number of customers. The next option was to wrap the tarp around the chains that held these objects and banners onto the ceiling. This involved two employees on ladders that worked on either side of each banner. One employee would install the tarp on one side, wrap the remaining tarp around the chain. They would then toss it to the other employee who would catch it and install the remaining tarp on their side. This process was repeated 10 more times, but hey, the job needed to be done!

We tell these stories because interior barrier protection is something that our company established as a solution to stores like hockey life. They give clients the opportunity to understand the ins and outs of our projects. It also reassures them that their job is always done by professionals with years of experience. We take a ridiculous amount of pride in our work, as any pioneer in their respective industry would. Every project is guaranteed to be done right and on time, every time – that is our ITP guarantee. Until next time, have a great morning, afternoon, and evening!