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Our interior tarping service is next to none, but our services don't stop there. Take a look at what else we can do for you. Interior Tarp Protection We also provide Barrier Wall Services! CONTACT

Construction Wall Barriers

The term ‘barrier wall’ is used to refer to a system of an external wall assembly that maintains weather-tightness by preventing the intrusion of air, water and vapour. Our team is equipped and experienced to complete this service for your organization.

Leak Management

Leak management and water diversion is the removal or transfer of water from one watershed to another. The term “consumptive use” is used to define diversions and exports, because the water is being “consumed” without then returning to its source.

Blue Tarp

Heavy duty blue tarping solutions are available to our clients. We carry a vast range of quality tarps and are able to handle any request from your organization for product and service.

Drywall Installation & Repair

Drywall installation is at the core of a strong and solid foundation for any property. Making sure work is done right the first time is crucial because mistakes can be costly later on. That’s why you need a professional licensed contractor like ITP.

Suspended Cielings

Our team can remove or repair your old drop ceilings or install new custom suspended ceilings to make your inside space look brand new. We guarantee to improve the overall look and function of your space, no matter the size of the project.

Metal Stud Framing

Metal stud framing is one of the crucial steps in completing your drywall and suspended ceiling system. It’s here where the boards and steel components are fixed and it serves as the skeleton.



Contact us immediately in cases of large pooling of water.  We will drain and service this pooling.  We will implement a self draining water diverter.  This will allow the water to drain until the protection is removed without any concern.

Visibility: How much does your product change the visibility of working when installed?

Minimum change in lighting conditions appear when our product is installed as it is a clear polyethylene plastic. ITP employees are fully licensed tradesmen and the company carries a 5 million liability insurance.

Will our sprinkler support systems still operate as normal in case of a fire?

Yes.   we will be installing beneath the sprinklers and our product has been tested by an Engineering Company and has a Zero fire rating so it will disintegrate when it reaches a specific degree.   This allows the integrated sprinkler system to operate normally.

Load Capacity: How much water can the suspended product hold?

Our suspended product has been load tested to hold up to 5-gallon drum of water that was inflicted from a roof leak.