This Project was Definitely a Workout to Remember, Pun Intended

People often ask us how much work goes into interior tarp protection and we usually answer the same way every time – it kind of feels like a long workout. When it comes down to dragging around sheet and sheet of premium, high quality tarp you can definitely get a good sweat. Can it be any more appropriate then that a job that made us sweat the most came from a setting notorious for producing sweat? Anytime Fitness is a classy organization built on a great business model.

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No Frills, No Problem

It’s the tough jobs that give you the biggest rush! If you needed a perfect explanation why, just take a look at our No Frills project. No Frills has been around since the late 70’s and has survived this long because it lives up to its name, literally. Their “no frills” attitude to selling products led to huge savings for the consumer.

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