On top of interior tarp protection, ITP also provides the following services: construction wall barriers, year-round leak management, heavy construction blue tarp, drywall installation and repair, suspended ceiling installation and repair, and metal stud framing. These are all specialties that have made ITP what we currently are today – a company that you can rely on to protect, maintain, and repair your workplace. Tired of hearing this from us? Click here to read about some of our top clients and how they loved our services. Each project came with their own challenges, but none were too great for our team to handle. Our pride comes from clients that come back for our services, and this is why we give each project special attention to details. Although we’d like to say we are superheroes that can fly, it is our state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to work on your ceilings. These sky-jack lifts are highly reliable machines that are manufactured and sold worldwide. Since nothing is more important than meeting your deadline, we make sure that we have the right machinery to make every job as efficient and effective as possible.

We don’t mess around when it comes to getting your job done. Our track record comes from a long list of top clients in multiple industries that have benefited and saved money by using our services. The investment you make with us today will help prevent any unnecessary temporary closures and keep your business rolling as per usual. Our success comes from your success – we only succeed when our services save you on time, money, and space. If you are currently under construction, then we are here to improve the efficiency of that. If you are repairing work spaces, then we are here to get that job done for you, protect your floors and/or aisles, and manage issues that can arise


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ITP sets out to be the best tarp protection provider within all of the great province of Ontario. We have built a name and brand that is recognized by the industry in reliability, efficiency, professionalism, quality and satisfaction. As the leading service provider, we have garnered over thirty years of on-site experience in our trade, and have become known province wide for the outstanding quality we provide.

We are proud members of OIRCA (Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association) and have been featured members within the industry for many consecutive years as we uphold a strong tradition of excellence.