Over time, companies began to realize that roof replacements including repairs not only led to delays in their productivity and daily operations but also raised serious concerns in regards to their loss in revenue. Our business clientele required a solution which would allow them to perform the necessary roof replacement and simultaneously conduct their daily business activities without interruption.

A visionary to begin with, Michael’s BRIDGMAN pass 30 experiences as a business owner/operator within the construction industry has given life, purpose and a vision to set ITP on a mission of enabling commercial and productive business activities TO CONTINUE OPERATING WHILE WILL ROOF REPLACMENT WORK IS TAKING PLACE. In providing temporary Interior Tarp Protection our client’s assets, equipment, supplies, employees and customers are protected against falling debris including rain water while roof repairs are ongoing.

“We have worked with ITP (Interior Tarp Protection)  for the past 15 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that ITP always exceeded our expectations and understood that for all growing businesses, the demand for professionalism is of utmost importance.”



Tarp projects require on site professionals who understand all aspects involved in getting the job done right. This requires special attention to specific details in the installation of the overhead tarp, safe work methods and procedures, our client’s production requirements, and scope of work. None of these factors are overlooked when you have Interior Tarp Protection on your project.

We offer a 24/7 emergency service on all of our projects either large or small. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees have been trained in our proprietary interior protection system. Either our technical department or one of our site representatives can assist you in answering any inquiries you may have prior or throughout the course of your project.

We specialize in providing interior Tarp Protection for business across Canada from coast to coast and continue to develop ourselves by setting industry standards within our industry. It’s just what we do!