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Taking on a roofing project is a big deal.
Thank goodness you found us.


Interior Tarp Protection is a name that we stand by because simply put, that is what WE do. Every project comes with different challenges. They require careful planning and the right equipment and tools to ensure that the tarp is installed correctly and holds its position. Years of experience have made us capable of implementing tarps for any type of building – something no other competitor has been able to do. We also have expertise that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Protecting your interior space is crucial business that should be left to the most capable of experts. Choosing the right specialists guarantees that your company saves on time which translates into saving money. Our job is not complete until every aspect of the project has been done carefully and up to the highest of standards. Most of all, we take pride in meeting every single deadline for our clients. With our proprietary method, your work space will be safe, accessible, and easy to navigate through. You can be confident that no project is too difficult or complex for us. Our esteemed list of clients will tell you that no matter what challenges came with each project, we met them with effective solutions that only an experienced professional can provide. You will be kept on time, every time. That is our ITP guarantee.


What makes tarps so special? Versatility. We carry the right tarp for every job. Solid vinyl tarps are waterproof and perfect for jobs that require coverage from wet materials. Mesh tarps installed overhead provide protection while allowing you to see what has fallen on it. They also come in handy for outdoor applications because they do not block light and allow airflow under windy conditions.

Many tarp coverings are made using flame-retardant materials in the case of a potential fire hazard. As mentioned before, each project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Tarp sizes and shapes are an important aspect of our service and contributes to the challenge of our projects.


Why tarps? They offer the most reliable temporary protection of any commercial or non-commercial building, period. Tarps have been used for over a century as a versatile material with many uses. Over time, companies began realizing that indoor construction led to extreme delays in daily operations. They needed a solution that could allow them to perform the necessary constructions while being able to run at the same time. Tarps were the obvious solution.

Nowadays, you can see tarps being used just about anywhere from baseball arenas to camping grounds. Interior tarping is by far the most commercialized use of the material and it serves many purposes. In factories, they are utilized underneath overhead conveyor belts to protect employees from materials that may potentially fall off. As such, you can imagine how tough these tarps must be, especially for conveyors that carry large and heavy objects.

Interior tarps can also be used to cover the ceiling. This is important in your local grocery store when construction is needed. These ceiling tarps essentially catch any debris or dust that can fall from the ceiling during construction and prevent it from getting into the food aisles for example. Tarps are also great dividers for large spaces in a building. To block off areas from public view effectively, it is best to use heavy duty vinyl tarps that are fire retardant (to meet indoor safety requirements and codes).


Tarp projects require professionals who understand the myriad of factors involved in getting the job done right the first time, on time. This requires special attention to many details including purpose, location, shapes, materials, sizes, and more. None of these are overlooked when using Interior Tarp Protection for your project.

Around the clock service is available for each client as our way of maintaining reliability and showing appreciation for your business. Our friendly staff has been trained in our proprietary method, and are determined to impress you every time. We specialize in this service and continue to not only meet, but exceed industry standards. It’s just what we do!